About Renaissance Interests


Company Vision 

The vision for the company is straightforward:

  • To be the premier property renewal company in Texas
  • To be a champion for integrity, stewardship of resources, quality, and service

The idea of the ‘premier’ property renewal company speaks to the desire to be well known and respected, not just in San Antonio, but throughout Texas. This will take time and hard work, developing relationships and getting the word out. By property renewal is meant taking undervalued office or residential properties, and renewing them to a point where they can immediately or over time appreciate in value. Renewing may include a simple sprucing up of the property (sometimes including new tenants) to a face lift, to major replacement of building components and systems. This will at all times be done well, so that the company reputation will be constantly enhanced.

More by actions than words, the company will be a champion for integrity. This means treating all people, whether employees, tenants, potential tenants, colleagues, competitors, consultants, or suppliers, with honesty, with respect, dignity, and humility. There is no other way to conduct a successful business.

Stewardship of resources refers first to responsible use of financial means provided to the company by investors and lenders. Financial resources provided by others will only be used in accordance with ethical standards advocated by trade associations, including real estate, accounting, and architectural groups. Stewardship also means making the best use of the earth’s resources. Many activities in support of this ideal will be cost neutral; and where there is cost involved, it will only be within the ability of each project to support any such costs. Energy efficiency will be a primary goal, and the company will look first at improving insulation and HVAC systems in order to minimize the use of energy for every project. Use of any new materials with recycled content will also be a goal, as will establishing recycling capability at properties where this may not exist. These ideas are often included in what is more commonly known as “green” or “sustainable” design.

The company will also be a champion for quality. Our buildings will be known for looking and operating well. Long term benefits and costs of decisions will be weighed, with emphasis on the long term. This will sometimes mean higher first costs, but the company believes this is the more economical route in the long run.

Good service means many things: responding to inquiries in a timely fashion, making a repair for a tenant as soon as possible, being polite and patient in dealing with all stakeholders. Ultimately it means getting people what they ask for when they need it. This will maximize chances for repeat business with tenants as well as consultants and suppliers, and help build the reputation of the company.